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Bootlicker Fuck Bitch

Bootlicker Fuck Bitch A sleepless night in my cage has turned this horny slave pig into a extreme submissive slut.The view of his goddess in black leather, thigh high boots with an enormous strap-on is simply to much for him and after a proper boot licking I give her a taste of my huge cock who wants to be worshipped...

Release: Apr. 23 2017

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Living Rubber Doll - Complete Session

Living Rubber Doll - Complete Session My rubber doll is ordered in, fully dressed in red latex. Time to test out a new mouth device, a small pump inflates a gag inside my slave's mouth, thus reducing his breath. At the same time I tease his cock with a vibrator. He is just pathetically helpless. I handcuff his hands into...

Release: Apr. 15 2017

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Cuckold Wanker Bootbitch

Cuckold Wanker Bootbitch This pathetic cuckold became so horny when I show up in my new thigh high leather boots.He even pay for the permission to lick them clean. Entertaining me with a huge dildo in his asshole he begs for attention which I deny except some more cash will flow.Finally the horny bitch cums in front of...

Release: Apr. 08 2017

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Slave Brings New Bullwhip

Slave Brings New Bullwhip My house slave brought me a new bullwhip today.A very painful instrument and I couldn't wait to try out on his...

Release: Apr. 01 2017

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Boot Slut Forever

Boot Slut Forever I came just from a fotoshooting.On this sunny day I want to sit down in a park when a jogger stops and stares at my long leather boots. I provoke him with order him closer and touch him with my boots and ask him if this makes him so horny he would even pay for the honour to lick the boots right...

Release: Mar. 25 2017

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Transformed Slave

Transformed Slave I have pickupped a slave at a fetish party and take him to my place for some femdom fun.But that he didn't know.First he has to worship my feet and shoes.Next I promise him a extraordinary sexual adventure if he agrees to cross dress for me.When I have transformed him to a slutty bitch I penetrate...

Release: Mar. 18 2017

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Double Trouble For A Slave Bitch (part 2)

Double Trouble For A Slave Bitch  (part 2) Now we change strap-on position and Ella fucks the bitch ass with her black giant from behind. This Mistress loves to spank and slap the slave silly around the session. Next is Ella puts on opera long latex gloves and let the bitch feel her skills in prostate massage. Then a giant mulatto XXL...

Release: Mar. 11 2017

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Double Trouble For A Slave Bitch (Part 1)

 Double Trouble For A Slave Bitch (Part 1) Two days ago my friend Mistress Ella Kross from Israel visits me for a session with my favorite slave bitch. The poor pig gets so nervous when we arrived in our latex clothes and tells him that today he will get a double strap-on lesson from both of us. Before we rip his ass in two half pieces...

Release: Mar. 04 2017

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The Foot Slave

The Foot Slave He came in because he likes Nylons and wants to carress and stroke them. And he gets what he wants - plus a little...

Release: Feb. 25 2017

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Anal Private Party

Anal Private Party What a nice surprise! My friend Lady Sarah has been on a fetishparty and brought a special present with her for me. A ready and willing little rubber bitch for living out our dirty fantasies. After inspection we want to try out our biggest anal toys at her. A very special private...

Release: Feb. 18 2017

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