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Lick My Boots,Slave! Cum Instruction

Lick My Boots,Slave! Cum Instruction "Hi, my little wanker! This clip is made for you, pathetic submissive bootlickers! I will hold you locked in my slave cage, drilling you until you worship your Mistress as I deserve. You will learn to cum at my command. I am going to break your resistance. Kneel down and pull out your...

Release: Sep. 23 2017

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Killerheels & Straponfuck

Killerheels & Straponfuck Today I have a total pathetic strap-on slut here.My latex uniform with cap and dominant attitude makes her nervous and shaky.I let her suck my killer heels and shine up my latex dress before fuck her bitch ass to a gaping hole. Finally he masturbates at my heels like a cheap...

Release: Sep. 16 2017

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Lesson for the Manager

Lesson for the Manager This Slave is very good in his business, he rules a company with more than 400 employees and he is the big, cruel boss at his company… Always ordering his secretaries for an "extra" service... So, I thought the time was right to order this maggot to my dungeon to give him a lesson in „How to...

Release: Sep. 09 2017

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Ass Fuck Revival

Ass Fuck Revival I was not very surprised but amused when megaslut Chantal visits me spontaneously in my new studio.I have heard nothing from her for a while and now she is standing there in a slutty outfit and tells me some bullshit she just want to say hello before going to a party in the near... Who believe...

Release: Sep. 02 2017

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A Painful Afternoon

A Painful Afternoon Today I had a surprise for my house slave: A whip looking similar a rose bouquet. It was at least same painful as the original. But that was not all. My favorite for beating is the cane and after warm up with the nice roses he got 50 strokes with the cane so he won’t forget to bring real...

Release: Aug. 26 2017

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The Blow Slave -Complete Session

The Blow Slave -Complete Session The new slave in his latex suit and mask is carefully prepared, he gets to worship his mistress' boots and heels, gets a good whipping and dildo fucked in the ass. He shines Goddess Asmondena's latex outfit, is put on the cross and has his cock and nipples tortured. Then Goddess Asmondena's...

Release: Aug. 19 2017

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Degraded To An Object

Degraded To An Object While I am enjoying a glass of champagne and a cigarette, this slave creature is locked under a table with a hole for his head on the upper side. Here you go: the perfect human ashtray and spittoon is directly in front of me. A very entertaining view for all my guests and - needless to say -...

Release: Aug. 12 2017

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A Session For The Fat Slave Maggot

A Session For The Fat Slave Maggot If a pathetic pig likes this ask me for a session it´s a sadistic pleasure for me to humiliate him in most arrogant and extreme way! Nothing else for him except lick my boot soles, while I am arrogantly smoking and use him as an ashtray. Face slaps and spit in his slimy spit dropping fat...

Release: Aug. 06 2017

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OWK Beautiful and Merciless

OWK Beautiful and Merciless Lady Asmondena´s first OWK film. A real success! In this 60 min video you will experience this goddess in full action. Permanently, she plagues the two slave-creatures in the cruelest manner. In their unsuccessful attempts to satisfy the demands of the strict mistress they bring to life the...

Release: Jul. 30 2017

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His First Session with Lady Asmondena

His First Session with Lady Asmondena His secret dream came true! For years now he is one of my greatest admirers, has ordered so many custom videos and now he was invited to meet me in personal. So he took the train early in the morning and arrived in the late afternoon in my studio. I knew his favorites are high heels worship,...

Release: Jul. 22 2017

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