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Outdoor Bootlicking And Strap-On Fuck

Outdoor Bootlicking And Strap-On Fuck The weather was fine today and so I decided to walk a little in the near forest.The submissive pig has to crawl behind me at the leash. The ground was still muddy from the heavy rain a day before and so there was a lot of work for a busy slave tongue. As a reward for the proper cleaningjob...

Release: May. 27 2017

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Under My Nylon Legs

Under My Nylon Legs The slave is ordered to lick my shoes.When he smells my nyloned feet his slave dick becomes hard. Now I make him lay on his back, spit in his open mouth and use him as my ashtray. When he has the permission to jerk himself off and I begin to torture his nipples with my long sharp fingernails...

Release: May. 21 2017

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Pervert Outdoor Training

Pervert Outdoor Training Hidden behind a tree this pervert yoyeur tried to watch me read a magazine. When I noticed him I had no mercy with this old pervert. First he has to clean my dirty shoes.Than I force him to eat dogfood under caning his naked flesh with a stick. Finally he is ordered to ride a fat dildo...

Release: May. 13 2017

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Delivered And Exposed

Delivered And Exposed Naked and bound on the gynchair this slave experiences a very special...

Release: May. 06 2017

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Face Slapping, Golden Shower And Fist Fuck

Face Slapping, Golden Shower And Fist Fuck In a little break between the shootings the submissive slave pig is ordered into the shower cabin to serve me as an ashtray.Because he is staring at me so horny I spit at him and slap his face. Before I rip his asshole with my fists and huge dildo I piss on him and let him clean up all the mess...

Release: Apr. 29 2017

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Bootlicker Fuck Bitch

Bootlicker Fuck Bitch A sleepless night in my cage has turned this horny slave pig into a extreme submissive slut.The view of his goddess in black leather, thigh high boots with an enormous strap-on is simply to much for him and after a proper boot licking I give her a taste of my huge cock who wants to be worshipped...

Release: Apr. 23 2017

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Living Rubber Doll - Complete Session

Living Rubber Doll - Complete Session My rubber doll is ordered in, fully dressed in red latex. Time to test out a new mouth device, a small pump inflates a gag inside my slave's mouth, thus reducing his breath. At the same time I tease his cock with a vibrator. He is just pathetically helpless. I handcuff his hands into...

Release: Apr. 15 2017

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Cuckold Wanker Bootbitch

Cuckold Wanker Bootbitch This pathetic cuckold became so horny when I show up in my new thigh high leather boots.He even pay for the permission to lick them clean. Entertaining me with a huge dildo in his asshole he begs for attention which I deny except some more cash will flow.Finally the horny bitch cums in front of...

Release: Apr. 08 2017

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Slave Brings New Bullwhip

Slave Brings New Bullwhip My house slave brought me a new bullwhip today.A very painful instrument and I couldn't wait to try out on his...

Release: Apr. 01 2017

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Boot Slut Forever

Boot Slut Forever I came just from a fotoshooting.On this sunny day I want to sit down in a park when a jogger stops and stares at my long leather boots. I provoke him with order him closer and touch him with my boots and ask him if this makes him so horny he would even pay for the honour to lick the boots right...

Release: Mar. 25 2017

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